VELUX Sloping and Fixed Single

Sloping and Fixed Combination Single

The upper section of the Sloping Combination, is a standard GPL or GPU roof window, hinged at the top and opens up to 45° related to the roof pitch. It's opened with an elegant handle at the bottom and can be locked ajar. With the Top Control bar you can rotate the upper window, 180° on its axes (Cleaning Position), so that the outside pane finds itself on the inside. In this position it is very easy to clean. It also functions as a Ventilation Flap and can be opened while the window stays locked, through which fresh air can circulate in all weather conditions.


The bottom section of the Sloping Combination, is a fixed element in type GIL (pine with white painted finish) or GIU (maintenance free polyurethane).


New Generation Sloping and Fixed Combination Single
Combi hellend Single

- Upper section is a roof window GPL or GPU
- Bottom section is a fixed element GIL or GIU
- Standard with (type –70) Safety Glass
- Exterior with Dark Grey lacquered Aluminium
- Top Hinged
- Bottom operated
- With Ventilation Flap
- Cleaning Position (Rotates 180°)
- Suitable for roof pitches 35°- 53°

(For roof pitches between 55°- 75°, special springs must be used and ordered separately)


Combining Sloping Combinations

The “Sloping Combination” is extendible in various ways. You can combine it with a second “Sloping Combination” side by side or, combine it with a Cabrio Roof Balcony.

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