VELUX Vertical Duo 100mm Gap

Combination Vertical Duo 100mm Gap


Two identical VELUX roof windows are provided with an 100mm vertical Duo Flashing EKW... S0122.
The Duo Flashing EKW... S0122 consists of flashing EDW... 0000 & EKW... 0007.


Overall Width is equal to the chosen roof window.
The Overall Height is 2x the height of the chosen window +10cm.
[e.g. type MK04 are two units of 78x98 cm, therefor the total width 78cm, total height (2x98)+10 = 206cm].

Vertical Duo
(b) = 100 mm

(!) Important:

You cannot install Roller Shutters with the Standard Flashing 100mm Gap (b). Planning, now, or in future to fit a Roller Shutter? It’s necessary to order a Flashing with 250mm Gap.

If you are planning on fitting an Insect Screen, it needs to be combined with the...ZOZ 157 kit and make sure that the cladding of your support trimmer is flush with the ceiling finish.

For those, contact our Customer Service.

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