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Electrical Opening Dome


Lichtkoepel met elektromotor

Our standard opening roof dome with PVC or super insulated PVC kerb is also available with an electric chain motor and switch. Due to our large stock, (of over a 100 different combinations) we can supply roof domes at the lowest prices, for private and business sales.


Our roof domes meet the European standard EN 1873, with CE- certificate, a secure and reliable system. To demonstrate the durability of these roof domes, they have undergone numerous high impact burglary testing, and receive continuous quality control.


All of which come as standard with double skin, and are equipped with a 10 year guaranteed UV protective layer that retains the colour and light transparency.


Budget friendly PC/AC Polycarbonate outer and Acrylic inner skin.
BBA certified PC/PC Polycarbonate outer and inner skin.

If you find a roof dome cheaper, you have to question if it meets the same high (quality) standards.


Polycarbonate is a hygroscopic material and therefore can attract and absorb moisture from the air. In areas of high humidity it is therefore possible for moisture to penetrate the skins of the polycarbonate dome; on cooling, this moisture then will condensate between the skins. The higher the humidity the faster condensation will be visible. Ideally, humidity levels in a house should be between 40%-60%. Where humidity levels exceed 60%, combined with low external temperatures, it is likey that condensation will occur. Once humidity levels are restored, condensation will dissipate through the breathable seals. Temperature and humidity levels are beyond our control and therefore no guarantees can be given against the formation of condensation, on the surface or between the skins of our roof domes.

• Most competitive dealer in roof windows & skylights • Delivery with our own transport service throughout England, Wales, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France
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