Roof Window Maintenance

With proper maintenance you can extend the life of your window. advises you at least once a year, to perform a basic maintenance check. This will ensure that your windows are in top working condition.


D.I.Y Maintenance

It is important for the preservation of the wooden frame that you clean this regularly. All the windows can be rotated 165 degrees, so that the outside pane find itself on the inside. In this position it is very easy to clean. Pine Wood windows that are in direct sunlight can dry out, allowing dirt and moisture to penetrate into the wood, leaving irreversible damage. In humid areas containing high moisture content e.g. a bathroom, you could opt for the Maintenance-Free Polyurethane VELUX or PVC LuXtra Roof Window.


If you notice that your pine window frame is drying out or forming mould, it would be advised to sand it lightly, then coat with a transparent water-based lacquer. This is often sufficient for a few years, then repeat the process again. In order to make the process easy during sanding and varnishing, you remove the sash. See Removing Sash from our installation tips.


Lubrication of the hinges

Yearly lubrication of the pivot point will keep your roof window rotating smoothly. First clean both hinges, then lubricate the hinges with a petroleum jelly. Note that before any maintenance to a window, the window decorations i.e. Blinds, should be inserted into the cassette, or removed. This is to avoid dirty fingers marks and smudges on the decoration products.


Maintenance of flashings

Clutter can cause the problem of leakage. The accumulation of clutter in the flashings such as leaves, twigs, bird nests and other debris from the roof tiles are often the cause of leakage. Therefore, remove debris regularly from the side, and top of your window in the flashings.


VELUX Air filter and ventilation foam replacement

Especially with older VELUX windows the ventilation foam can decay. This foam is very easy to replace. Remove the old ventilation foam with a putty knife or scraper. The new foam, which is already equipped with an adhesive strip, can then be applied. The air filter can be easily removed from the top by rotating open the window and lock in cleaning position.

At when you wish to order the maintenance package, you may add this to an order of a window as additional product. The universal maintenance package for VELUX Roof Windows is a universal package ZZZ 220 for older windows. And the ZZZ 220K for new generation windows with code K.
VELUX Maintenance Kit
The ZZZ 220/220K kit includes:
• Grease for hinges and locks
• Air filter (3m)
• Foam for the ventilation flap

The price for ZZZ 220/220K (for 2-5 roof windows) £16 incl. VAT.        







VELUX cleaning position 


Coat with transparent lacquer



Lubricate the hinges



Replace the ventilation foam



Apply new ventilation foam



VELUX air filter replacement




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